Historical Background
Mission and Core Value
Livelihood underwent hardships in the early days of Hong Kong's history and consequently quite a big number of abandoned babies was recorded in the community.  The Hong Kong Diocesan Congregation - Sisters of the Precious Blood - following the Gospel spirit of mercy and love, responded to the needs of society at that time.  An outpatient clinic for babies was established in the Convent in Shum Shui Po.  Its tasks were to provide free medical care and medicine and take care of the poor and sick babies.  Due to the increasing number of babies being abandoned, the Precious Blood Hospital next to the Convent was built to house patients in poverty and abandoned babies.
During the period of the Japanese occupation, the hospital was occupied by Japanese troops and the Convent and its premises were being shot, and the hospital temporarily served as a transitory rescue centre.  Fortunately with God's gracious blessings, timely help from our benefactors and the perseverance of the Sisters, the mission of parenting and nurturing desolate young orphans could continue to expand under such hard times.
After the war, there was a substantial increase in the number of abandoned babies, also the orphans were growing up.  With assistance from benefactors, an orphanage was built in the Lung Yeuk Tau area in Fanling in 1952.
Following improvements in the economy, the number of orphans decreased gradually.  However, there was a growing number of children and adolescents who are deprived of proper care due to family problems.  To cater to this need, the orphanage started to take in these girls.  The Sisters decided to build ten independent dormitories, with each dormitory operating as a family unit.  After two fund-raising activities and enlisting the help from our benefactors, the ten dormitories were built by the end of 1962.  The orphanage was officially renamed "Precious Blood Children's Village."